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These days, screens are synonymous with work, play, distraction and connection. While the allure of a digital detox sounds great on paper, time without a phone, laptop or tablet can feel daunting. So, if you are in need of a dopamine reset, here are some ideas for screen-free activities. 

  1. Embrace the Outdoors: Whip out your best David Attenborough impression and your favorite activewear and head outside. What sounds do you hear, what smells do you smell? Does the world feel different without distraction? If you’re feeling extra brave, say hello to your fellow intrepid explorers: dogs, humans, bugs or birds. Just be careful - it's a jungle out there.  

  1. Romance Yourself: Tired of watching romcoms and feeling like your Tinder matches are coming up short? Take yourself on a date instead. Buy yourself flowers, go to a coffee shop or restaurant you’ve been meaning to try, and bring a book to read or a journal to write in. Ask yourself if you “come here often”. In a relationship? Pretend you’re having an elaborate affair… with yourself. 

  1. Get Creative: Miss the days of grade school art projects? Get out some crayons, paper, paints, and pens, and channel your inner child. Write about or draw something in your immediate vicinity. What is the story behind that person in the park? Can you paint that tree? Yes, stick figure drawings DO count. 

  1. Take a Trip to Flavortown: The name of the game is Masterchef Home Edition. Borrow a cookbook from a friend or print out a recipe that sounds complicated, interesting or unusual to you. Invite some loved ones over to serve as pretend judges, or spend some quality time with your bowl of foie gras

  1. Rediscover Play: If you’re looking for a healthy dose of dopamine, dust off those board games, switch off those screens and opt for a game with a loved one. Don’t have a board game? Gamify your space with classics like “the floor is lava” or hide and seek. 

Time offline doesn’t need to be boring or spent in silence. We can use it to find what brings us joy, connect with people we love or connect more deeply with ourselves. There’s a whole world waiting for you out there, and this is your invitation to explore it. 

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