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If you have recently scrolled through beautiful pictures of strangers homes, looked around your space and thought, “Well, this is definitely not good enough”, welcome to the club. Many of us have probably heard of the not-so-age-old adage “social media is a highlight reel”. But mid-doom scroll, stopping ourselves from falling into patterns of comparison can feel hard. How do we craft spaces that feel true to us, while not buying into other people’s ideas of the “perfect” space?

 We believe the answer lies in your core values and intentionality.

 Your core values represent what is most important to you: whether it’s creativity, movement, relaxation or connection. Everyone’s core values are different, and that should be reflected in our homes just as much as it is reflected in our clothing or career choices.

With that in mind, what does home means to you? Do you value quiet time? Maximalism or minimalism? Are you a movie buff who loves the experience of cinema? Or are you more of a reader? A cook? Remember, there is no such thing as a bad or wrong value.

Take stock of your space and your values, and create clear intentions for each space in your home. What simple adjustments can you make to reflect your intentions? For example, your intention for your bedroom may be sleep. Why not paint your room a dark color with over-the-top comfortable pillows and black out curtains? Maybe your intention for your living room is connection. Ditch the TV centered living room and opt for a space that encourages conversation, with coffee table books and easily accessible games.

Home is where you are free to ugly cry to your favorite romcom, dance around in your underwear to music you would rather no one know you listen to, or relax in your comfy (very holey) sweats. Whether your home is just for you, shared with your kids, partner, or roommate, or simply a shrine for your pet, what matters most is that your space feels aligned with what is most important to you.


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